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Let’s be honest, most presentations are boring! Whether it’s an internal report on sales performance or a pitch from a new supplier, presentations often demand the absorption of huge amounts of data that require you to feign interest for an unreasonable amount of time. Similarly as a presenter, you can’t help but cringe when you see your audience losing interest as you inevitably become increasingly mono syllabic throughout your over rehearsed speech. Presentations are unfortunately an inescapable part of the working world but there is a way to revolutionize the once mundane presentation.

In a world where we interact with screens 24/7, digital signage provides the most flexible and compelling solution to connect businesses with consumers or presenters and the audience. Whether you want one screen or a complete network of screens throughout your business for internal and external communication, you need to use a supplier who will work with you to identify the best solution for your needs and budget.

Keep your audience captivated by mixing things up a little. Add images, presentations and videos.

Using digital signage to engage, motivate and impress your audience

Digital signage isn’t just reserved for Piccadilly Circus or Times Square, it can benefit every industry from corporate, retail and hospitality to transportation, education and healthcare to captivate and engage your internal and external audience.

Improve in-store experience, encourage customer interaction, relay up to the minute information, entertain, display marketing messages and improve the perception of your brand – the possibilities are limitless!

Consider a new format: Break away from tradition and impress your audience by presenting on a touch table top. Alternatively flick content between portrait screens directly to the table top so that your audience can have a closer look at content without having to move!

Non-linear presentations: Unless your presentation needs to be in a linear format with a beginning, middle and end, structure your products, services and company overview into categories that can be accessed on demand. Audiences love having the autonomy to access information so be prepared to jump around with topics and discussions.

Use existing marketing collateral: You’ve probably already got product brochures, performance graphs and PowerPoint Presentations so include them in your presentation. No need to re-do anything, simply add them like you would any other piece of media. Simple!

Mix it up: Keep your audience captivated by mixing things up a little. Add images, presentations, word documents, 3D models and even video files. Unlike conventional PowerPoint presentations these can be played back without a wifi connection.

Sensory overload: As well as creating visual impact engage the senses by including audio on your video content. Video content will definitely carry more impact if it has the accompanying sound track.

Interactive Content: Take full advantage of this interactive medium by including content that encourages engagement from the audience. You can categorize your content into different levels or sub-categories to allow end users to fully explore the different levels of information. Additionally, videos and 3D models which can be pivoted and explored are a great way of increasing engagement.

Don’t reinvent the wheel: If you have specific content that you wish to include in your presentation that already exists on a webpage there is no need to recreate this content. Instead, include the URL or the page you want and it will be displayed in its full glory within your presentation.

Get a manicure: Since you’re creating a fantastic multi-touch project you’ll be touching, swiping, pinching and zooming so expect your hands to be the star of the show. Make sure you have presentable hands and nails or even better, why not treat yourself to that manicure?

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