Seven Secret Skills Event Planners Don’t Want you to Know

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The job of event organizer is a dream for many people. But most people really know what an event organizer does and the work involved? But what are the posts that hide behind this word? How to become an event organizer? Are there specific studies? If so, what are they?

We listed 10 tips and skills to acquire to become a real pro!

Event manager, event planner or event coordinator, there are many variations. The Event Manager participates in the design, development and production of the event. It guarantees its effectiveness, impact, commercial profitability and is the referent of the spirit of the event.
The organizer is a true conductor. It is up to him/her to manage an event (conference, seminar, inauguration) as well as to coordinate the various professionals involved on the occasion. His job is very versatile and requires many skills.

The skills to acquire to become an event organizer

Mastering the fundamentals

The activity of event organizer implies the knowledge of basic concepts, often studied during training. Project management tools and budget management table are particularly useful for the progress of an event.

Demonstrate good self-control

You must also be able to test your resistance to stress and pressure. Being an event organizer is not always easy and adrenaline rushes often take place on D-Day or days before your event. The practice of relaxation techniques or meditation can sometimes help to control oneself, but it is often through the experience that we learn to detect moments of tension and manage them as a master!

Good communication is the key

For an event, there are always several services, several expectations and therefore several personalities to manage. This involves benefiting from advanced communication skills. Diplomacy and pedagogy are must-haves to harmonize the objectives of all stakeholders.

An event organizer must also be a good salesperson! Creativity is often one of the main qualities of a good organizer and that’s why new ideas can come out. You must know how to sell your projects, whether internally to the management or directly to the client.

Solution oriented

An event planner is constantly confronted with the unexpected. For this reason, he must adopt the philosophy: “there are no problems, there are only solutions”. His creativity, which can be used to create a real world around the event, must also serve the search for alternatives. There is never a plan A without a plan B. What if it rains? If a stakeholder misses the call? If the schedule is overflowing?

Combine strategy and creativity

Your event is part of a global corporate strategy. You must therefore be able to take enough distance to set consistent objectives, which you will evaluate as the project progresses with relevant indicators. Following the event, you will propose a report to your hierarchy, which will include the operational aspect (number of participants, satisfaction rate) as well as the strategic aspect (incremental sales following the event, ROI).

Know your new technologies

It is essential today to master new technologies. Indeed, many aspects affect technology in today’s events. One thinks in particular of the animation on the place of the event with stands related to the virtual reality for example. It is also necessary to know how to use management platforms, to handle social networks like a pro and still some mailing software to communicate. You can (and should) be a player in the digital transformation of your business!

Practice multiple languages

It is not taught to anyone, the knowledge of one or more languages ​​other than English is a real asset in any profession. This is of course also the case for the organizer. Language skills are more and more sought after, as different cultures choose other event planners who speak their language to organize their events. So you have to be able to communicate easily with them.

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